Get to know the Healthy & Psyched side of V:GD

 I meet many bloggers while I am promoting V:GD. Some of them fit my ethos and some I just don’t connect with.

Rachel from Healthy & Psyched is all about how to make health & wellbeing accessible for everyone. When I met Rachel, we instantly clicked. We share the same ideas about food and healthy living I really could have talked to her for hours.

Although I’m a raw desserts creator myself I still take inspiration in other people’s recipes and I absolutely fell in love with the Quinoa & Carob Bliss Balls.

They are so easy and nutritious too. It is a perfect pick up snack when you are on the go and craving that dreaded refined sugar filled chocolate.

These delightful treats do not spike your blood sugar levels as the glycemic index is low and they are so tasty one batch is just not enough. Trust me on this!

Rachel interviewed me to get to know more about the brand and how it all came about. I am always keen to share my story, as it is inspirational to many others that may have suffered with intolerances and allergies.

Enjoy reading!

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