my journey

I am a self confessed chocaholic and I love desserts. After deciding to eliminate all the unhealthy aspects of my diet for the sake of my health, I really missed my old buddy… chocolate and on a social level I would not feel part of the crowd when dining out. I often found there were limited choices for me.

“I focused my energies in working hard to create and perfect a handmade dessert that contains whole foods and no refined sugars. I also thought it was equally important for the desserts to be dairy free as well as gluten free, in order to cater for those with multiple intolerances. My aim was to create a dessert option that helps to support the prevention of animal cruelty, therefore it is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.”

Trusting a gluten free option is important to me, as a Coeliac sufferer myself. I am aware that the labelling regulations allow products to contain less than 20  parts per million, which can be classed as a trace and could cause discomfort in some people. For this reason I wanted to make sure my desserts were completely Gluten free, hence I had them tested and officially certified as Gluten free.

Hi I’m Tasneem,

I am the founder of V:GD, based in Leicester.

I have been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease (also known as Celiac) as well as being intolerant to dairy and soy.

I am a mum of three small children and I have started this company because I believe in a better world for ourselves and our children. It has been a long and painful road for me from being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2013 to accepting it and changing my eating habits in the year 2015. I am by no means cured, however I feel great and have a lot more energy and my outlook on life is fantastic again, this is all due to adopting a plant based lifestyle and cutting our refined sugar.

I want to share my story so it can be beneficial to another person who suffers in a similar manner and also provide a solution in a world where allergies and intolerances are increasing at an alarming rate.

My aim is to provide an alternative dessert option that is beneficial due to being made with plant based ingredients and that is tolerable to a person with multiple intolerances. I aim to promote Veganism and hope for a better tomorrow for the sake of our children.


The recipes are all my own creations and I am having so much fun experimenting and tasting new recipes that I am ready to make more exciting and innovative desserts! Sign up to receive my monthly newsletter to be notified when I’m launching a new flavour or a brand new speciality range.