kind words


“Loved the chocolate one I bought and look forward to more once we know whereabouts to find your delicious treats in Leicester”

Charlie Jordan, 21st November 2015

“I can’t believe the desserts I ate were Vegan let alone Raw! Both rich and creamy as a ‘normal’ dessert. Filling and satisfying taste and presentation. They were truly amazing, an innovative twist on healthy eating. Thank you from your biggest fan”

Aisha Bapu

“WOW, just tried these guys….The dessert slices were really nice especially the one layered with passion fruit. As you bite through the succulent hardened mousse to get to the delicate base, there’s a sudden sharp tanginess that tantalizes the tastebuds. I was really surprised they all tasted lovely, I do not know how you put them together and make them healthy at the same time. You have converted me I am definitely coming back for more.”

Shamama Dudha 10th November 2015

“So privileged that I was one of the first in the trials of these wonderful desserts.”


Smita Ghelani 19th November 2015


“Absolutely delicious!”


Rozmina Adam 8th November 2015


“They are yummy”


Billy Dedat 8th November 2015

“Looks fab!”


Zeibun Patel 8th November 2015


“Taste fab! Good luck with your launch!”


Nadia Master 8th November 2015

“just like to say banoffee and chocolate avocado desserts tasted amazing! Packed with fresh ingredients and to know that what you are eating is super quality. Although I don’t have any allergies it is still nice to know that the option is there when you want to eat clean, without feeling guilty and can indulge. Will be ordering from you again.”


Mumtaz Chorawala 25th November 2015