Each dessert is hand made with the highest quality ingredients. We take care to ensure that every aspect is made to perfection, maintaining a consistent high quality that meets the regulations of the Vegan Society.

Our desserts will last in your freezer for up to ten weeks as they do not contain any perishable ingredients.

They are free from Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Soy and Refined Sugars.

We avoid the use of artificial colours as they have been known to have an adverse effect on health. To create our wonderful and fresh colours we use natural colourings which are found in fruits and powders; such as Tumeric and Beetroot.
To prevent the addition of any preservatives we opt to make homemade Almond milk to ensure a smooth, mouth watering dessert.

When consumed in moderation, the unrefined coconut oil works to reduce the blood sugar levels in the body. The word unrefined means that it is not processed or subjected to any heat that will alter the vitamin or antioxidant levels.

I am proud to say that V:GD is a member of the Vegan Society. The company also works closely with the Food and Drink Forum to ensure all legal regulations are met correctly.